Monthly Archives: February 2013

Sunlight and Glitter



Aurthor: Kara Mae Adamo


Here is to the moments

When we throw glitter in the air

When we dance around in circles

When we drink too much to care


This is to those days

Bathed in brilliant, sunlit gold

That shatters on the water

We dive into, free and bold


I send this to the people

The ones that cry at night

Whose pain makes them forget

That in a few hours there’ll be light


This is to remind you

That while your world feels tight

While the walls crash around you

And you no longer want to fight


That somewhere in the world

A wave will hit the sand

And streams of golden sunlight

Will quietly bathe the land


That while your world is tough

And your problems seem inflated

Somewhere down the line

Your troubles will have faded


You’ll be at the beach

Your toes nestled in the sand

You’ll look around and think

About where you stand


And for that brief sweet moment

As the sunlight hits the waves

You will surely realize

That each moment is a phase


That no matter how tight

The noose is round your neck,

No matter how dramatic

Your life will seem to get


You can always turn away

And walk freely through the dark

Give the earth your burden

And within you light the spark


If the sunlight does not last,

Then neither will the rain

Shadows give perspective;

And courage you will gain


Sooner than you think

You’ll be bolder and you’ll dare

To spin around in circles

Throwing glitter in the air.