Curriculum Vitae

Kara Mae Adamo

  • Wine
    • Wine Consultant
      • Flow Wine Group
        • Professional Tastings
        • Product Demonstrations
        • Food Pairing Recommendations
        • Stay up-to-date on current industry trends
        • Wine Salesmanship
    • Wine Trainer
      • Carrabbas Italian Grill in Orlando, FL (on Kirkman Drive)
        • Conduct a 7-wine tasting and explain the wine tasting procedure
        • Teach the class about each wine and vineyard
        • Train servers to sell wine
  • Writing
    • SOS eMarketing
    • MyCityEats & Entertainment Magazine
      • Food and Wine Critic
        • Restaurants Covered:
          • Casa Sorrento
          • Flame Kabob
          • Boston Coffeehouse
          • 407 Café
          • Freshberry
        • Also Covered:
          • Eternal Youth Health Spa
    • Chief Head-of-Staff Writer/Editor
      • Gates Media Incorporated
        • Wrote articles on industry trends in the medical field, fantasy styled weddings at Disney®, sailboat cruises and spa resorts
        • Conducted interviews
          • IE: Andre Hunter: concierge for Dwight Howard, Brandy, and Shaquel O’Neal
        • Edited articles for the magazine
        • Designed advertising media kits used to market the magazine, Gates Media Empowerment Radio, the e-magazine, and the website
        • Assisted in cover design for the 2008 Winter Edition of The Gates of Seminole magazine
      • Miscellaneous
        • Wrote several actor’s biographies for Delta Psi Omega
          Wrote articles in The Parrot magazine advertising plays for Delta Psi Omega
        • Held a position as an intern for the Charlotte Sun newspaper in high school
        • Was published in the national magazine Teen Speak: an article describing her experiences in Croatia during a month-long back packing trip through Eastern Europe at seventeen years old
        • Have written extensively on world hunger, FGM, the international digital divide, international law, nuclear weapon disarmament, and many letters to senators in regards to casework projects from Amnesty International—one of three nongovernmental organizations participated in during high school
        • Wrote her first novel entitled The Dragonfly Key
        • Wrote the biography for Ashly Darroch, a 2009 contender for the Mrs. America pageant—the biography was used during judging for the crown
  • Art
    • Freelance Artist
      • Apprenticed to Dutch artist Regui Flohr
        • Painted seven murals in the up-scale restaurant, Rio Mexican Grille (Kissimmee, FL)
          • a map of Mexico
          • a monarch butterfly
          • two small whales
          • two Mexican suns
          • a sky above the stage
          • vines with hibiscus flowers growing on them over the arches of one of the dining rooms
          • the entirety of the faux-marble for the classic, formal styled dining room
      • Painted several wizards, elves, fairies, and dragons on walls and on canvas in Port Charlotte
      • Professionally “Staged” gated estate homes (Lake Mary, FL)
        • assisted in the interior design
        • Set-up of rooms for real estate agents
      • Experienced in mosaics, glass, acrylics, sculpture, & oil paintings
  • Theater
    • Alumni: Delta Psi Omega
      • Elected Secretary in 2007
    • Makeup and Costume Design
      • Mrs Lovett costume for Sweeny Todd
      • Bob Barker costume for Sweeny Todd
      • Esmerelda costume for The Skin of Our Teeth
      • Titania costume for Midsummer Night’s Dream
    • Stage-Acting
      • Played Esmerelda in Thornton Wilder’s The Skin of Our Teeth
        • The part included a lengthy monologue
    • Assistant Director
      • Laundry and Bourbon
      • Lonestar
    • Stage Manager
      • Laundry and Bourbon
      • Lonestar
      • Aladdin (Broadway recreation)
    • Props Crew
      • Anything Goes
      • Laundry and Bourbon
      • Lonestar
    • Side Project
      • Designed a professionally formatted business plan for a self-sustainable student-run independent film/theater production company
        • Design included a budget, character bio’s and practice skits
    • Education
      • Majored in Theater at Valencia College with a focus on production design and costuming
  • Photography 
    • Intern at Island Photographics in Venice, Florida
      • January, 2006 –May, 2007
        • Edited Photographs
        • Was the back-up photographer for family photo shoots;
        • Took care of cameras;
        • In charge of props for children’s portraits
    • Sales Lead for the Circuit City Photography Department
      • February of 2006 through February of 2009
        • Sold Cameras, Printers, Paper, Memory Cards, Lenses, etc.
        • Taught customers about photography
        • Performed Product Demonstrations
        • Trained new employees
    • Adobe Photoshop CS2 Tutor
      • April, 2006—March, 2008
        • Taught basic Photoshop skills to professional artists and senior citizens
    • Side Projects
      • Pin-Up Photographer for Stephanie “Cherry Blossom” Smith
        • May, 2006—August, 2006
          • Shot photographs on-location in an old town in Arcadia, Florida;
          • Designed costumes in classic Betty Paige and Marilyn Monroe circa 1940’s and 1950’s;
          • The photographs went on to help build the model’s portfolio and career
      • “Beach Babes” Photographer for Erica Adamo and Olivia Costa
        • June of 2008
          • Shot on-location at a local beach in Port Charlotte, Florida
      • Photographer for Mary Ronzino
        • November of 2009
          • A collection of headshots and costume shots for Ms. Ronzino; she models for Ed Hardy and this photo shoot was placed into her professional portfolio
  • Volunteer Work
    • Camp councilor
      • YMCA (Port Charlotte, FL) summer of 2003
    • The International Market
      • 2001-2005
      • Helped artisans in third world countries through sustainable development projects
    • Heifer International
      • 2003
      • Helped raise money for less fortunate families around the world
    • Fawcett Memorial Hospital
      • 2003
      • Worked as a Courier
  • Personal Assistant/Secretarial Work
    • Assistant to Bill Rollins, owner of Mrs. Blueprint (Port Charlotte, FL)
    • Secretary at Action Engineering Inc. (North Port, FL)
    • Assistant to Regui Flohr, CEO of the Sports Herald (Orlando, FL)
    • Personal assistant to the CEO of Gates Media, Inc./Mrs. Central Florida, 2008 Ashly Kohly-Darroch (Lake Mary, FL)
  • Miscellaneous Work
    • Manager of the Bike Across Florida race (Cocoa Beach, FL) in 2008



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