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My Ridiculous Girl-Crush on Jennifer Lawrence


ImageAuthor Kara Adamo.

I have just spent the better part of the last two hours e-stalking a celebrity.

I know that there are a million things I could be doing with that time–including 8 out of the 9 items on my to-do-list for the day–but I fell into a crazy zen-like trance akin to the one people go into when they find stuff on Reddit. It was out of my control.

To be clear, I usually do not bother all that much with people like Snookie, the Kardashian Wenches or the talented but sadly-still-a-train-wreck Miley Cyrus. They take up very little of my mental focus throughout the year, and unless somebody brings them up, I generally create a happy little bubble for myself where they hold little sway over anything.

It isn’t that I am immune to the addicting practice of star-gazing. I’m human; it’s what we do. But, true to my rather particular nature, I am choosy in which celebrities I care to pay attention to.

In recent months, Jennifer Lawrence made that short list.

I will be perfectly honest. This was an entirely bandwagon-based process. I had no idea who the girl was until a couple of months ago. I did see the Hunger Games last year, but I never really cared about who was playing Katniss. I just loved the books and enjoyed the film. I did, however, know who she was when I watched the second movie that just came out. I found her talented and beautiful and appropriately casted…

…none of which mattered to me at all.

It wasn’t until later that week, when I was watching the Daily Show, that I paid any attention to who her whatsoever.

And I am enamored.

Contrary to the popular trend of becoming famous and instantly losing all sense of personal identity, she comes off utterly genuine. She has a charmingly self-deprecating sense of humor that makes you want to be her best friend and her intelligent, bubbly mannerisms make her wildly entertaining in interviews.

Plus, the girl is wicked-talented. Her character in Silver Linings Playbook was complex and layered. It may be one of my all-time-favorite performances by a young female actress.

This is all wonderful, but it really has nothing to do with why I would like her enough to write a blog about it.

I am writing a blog about her because I respect her.

We are in the wake of a revolution and it is rooted in social media. There are videos that show the process involved in digitally altering already beautiful women and these videos are going viral. Finally, at long-last, my gender is waking up. We are realizing that even famous women do not actually look like famous women. The first-world-problems intellectual war on women is starting to lose some footing. We are realizing that we not only can be as beautiful as the women we see in magazines…but that we are. 

This ties into Jennifer Lawrence because, standing dead-center in the middle of her rise to incredible fame, she is championing this cause. She stands among the few stunning but very healthy, very real female celebrities who eats. She exudes a confidence in herself that makes her a wonderful role model to little girls and that will hopefully bring some balance to the damage done by the opposition.

Best of all, she is outspoken. This is a girl who recognizes the platform she has been given and, instead of twerking on live television, uses it to instill a message that a healthy body-image is far more important than slinky, swanky glamour. In a recent interview with Barbara Walters, she chastises open-criticism over other people’s body weight issues, deliberately pointing out that young girls are learning to talk and be cool by watching these shows.

It is a shame that she stands in the minority in Hollywood, but it is refreshing. I like that intelligence and actual talent is being encouraged.

Here is the link to the Barbara Walters Interview. 


Jiggly Puff


So I finally peeled my lazy ass out from underneath all of the Reeses and Kit Kat wrappers, put down the milk shake, and walked the whole twenty feet to my apartment’s gym.

I felt accomplished the moment I laced up my Reeboks…which I then had to fight because the last three times I did that, I figured it was enough to put the shoes on and sat down to watch another episode of Secret Circle.

This can’t be good.

There was a time when I out ran the boys and pushed 200 lbs on leg presses—I did yoga—I did P90x, damnit!! I even ate vegan cheese!   I now think about my inhaler when I go up the stairs…and I’m not sure, but I think my ass might qualify for a separate zip code.

My 21 year old self would hang her head in shame.

And so, it appears that I have a decision to make…as Patton Oswalt says, I have two options: I can either do something about it or I have to start becoming fascinated by what is happening to me physically.   Since I’m supposed to be in my prime, I have decided to do go with the first one.

I’m a vegetarian, so while I’m slender, I’m soft and squishy and I have a looming fear that those are not new dimples on my upper thighs (you’re welcome for the visual). I am aging, and I am not happy about it. When did I authorize this? I don’t recall signing any contracts saying that I’m allowed to sprout gray…we’ll call it “tinsel” in the name of the holiday season (look, mom, I’m festive.)…from my head or that I am to start getting all worried about gravity!! I swear, I’ll sue.

My idle legal threats aside, I’ve decided that, since lately I’ve been so terrible about sticking to my blogs, I’m going to force myself to keep a workout journal online. I figure, why not—at least this way if I allow myself to indulge in my much-needed chocolate martini’s the rest of you can kick my ass about it later when I don’t post something.

That’s right. The pressure is now on you—see how I did that?

The truth is, I’ve been in kind of a funk lately and I need the endorphins and the confidence boost. If not, I’ll wallow in my own self pity in a dark and secluded corner surrounded by popcorn and whatever the hell that minty chocolatey frozen wonderment is that Kira’s mom left in the freezer for us when she visited this weekend. And, trust me, we don’t want that.  It’s not a pretty sight.

So back to the basics, then. No more Ramen noodles because I’m too lazy to make something else…no more desserts without cardio to burn it off. It’s time to get back into shape so I can emotionally shop instead of emotionally eat. Shoes have been convenient because they always fit—but being frumpy with awesome shoes is never in style.

Today I didn’t do anything crazy—no cardio—just some free weight routines and worked on my legs and abs a little. I know, I know—you’re supposed to exercise in muscle groups—but I don’t pretend to care about that…I just want to be toned and doing it my way does always seem to work for me.

I do already feel a little better, which is always good.  Working out has always been a good way to temper my innate craziness, and with a 24-hour gym right outside my door I really don’t have an excuse.   So, yeah, working out again…perhaps I’ll do some yoga tomorrow :).

**Just as an update…not five minutes after I originally posted this, Kira the Enabler served me a cup full of said minty chocolatey frozen wonderment. All of my efforts are in vain.**